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Last week while I was listening to another newly discovered podcast, James Altucher Show, I heard about something that has set me on FIRE! It was just quick mention (almost inaudible) – no more than a couple of sentences – about a particular (extraordinary) educational YouTube feed where anyone can learn multiple subjects. I knew you can learn just about anything you need to know from a YouTube video…learn to play a ukulele, make a pom-pom, or fix a toilet that isn’t flushing (now you know what my YouTube favorites are : ) But when he mentioned Bill Gates and Google are supporting it and that it IS the “future of global education”… I hit the podcast Repeat button. I went to YouTube and searched on, “Bill Gates education learning academy”…Voila! Khan Academy (KA). Oh my gosh, this is an incredible story. I watched several videos where Sal Khan, the founder, is interviewed and decided to post two videos for you.

HERE , also, is a link to his TED Talk, if you become obsessed and can’t get enough of watching Sal’s humorous style.

A day after my YouTube search I signed up to take a Khan Academy BASIC Computer Coding class. A subject I have wanted to try to learn FOREVER. Before you get all impressed… this is a class where the age range starts at 10+ I even went in first to the 8+ age module it dip my toes in. Haaaa, I was so not confident. What is great about Khan Academy, aside from being free, and now teaching many subjects, is that it runs in an interactive way. See screen shot below. As of yesterday, I have completed through the level of Other Shapes (mouth and arms 🙂 I passed that level but still don’t fully understand the x and y stuff for triangles and lines, so I am going to replay and master that concept before going on to the next level. I think that most kids would do the same, that is the beauty of letting the student have control of their learning process. BTW, I am now confident, with this method, that I can learn (eventually) basic coding enough to make small changes to my MML blog. For one, I would like to encode as a default (or maybe it is to take out the code that is there?) so there are NO borders around any photograph in my blog. For now, it drives me nuts and takes too much time to type into each one or copy/paste , the command style=”border:none;” – just like Sal said, everyone can use coding to create/change a program to make life easier. That’s my goal, Easy Life…

Screen shot of my work…

When I found out fellow students were posting their later drawings for class, and they were really good,  I drew out (on paper) a more complicated side-view face of a girl with a pony tail and bow, complicated shapes for me. I have that self-challenge coming up after the snowman. Yikes, I may be getting competitive in this. Watch out, the badges have gone to my head!

screenshot 1

I know, pretty basic looking, right? But it is what BASIC ground-floor foundation (concepts) looks like, and Basics must be understood so later all the other levels can be built securely on top. I was batch-educated, which worked out okay except for in math, where I had enough gaps in my learning that when I hit advanced algebra it all came tumbling down. I hope one of the videos I linked above, shows Sal using the analogy of, “What if we built houses & buildings the way we Teach.” – it creates a great visual.

What do you think?

(Sal reminds me of comedian, Ray Romano, of Everyone Loves Raymond)

Meet me back here next time, I am starting my Transition into Fall 2016. Yes, it is that time of year! never know it by the weather. I am sprucing up the lake cottage and starting to put away the summer decor…ahhh, a change to earthy colors and to the spicy scent of Fall.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!


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  1. This is something that I am going to investigate too. Like to learn and any humor with ot makes it stick better, I think. And that its free is even better, I assume no finals or pop quizzes??

  2. No quizzes so far. The movement to next level/challenge is possible only after showing 100% comprehension based on completing the task, so that removes the need to test for competency, right? I would have done so much better learning this way when young.

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