Weekend Wanderings 9.18


I Wandered upon a children’s book author recently. Dallas Clayton. His books are now a favorite of mine, and will be included in my “grandma book-nook.”


Before I knew he was the fabulous author behind An Awesome Book, I saw some of his drawings/sayings and murals (online) on walls and on the ground inviting anyone to stand and DO an action or THINK about someone/something. How cool is that?


If you follow his Instagram feed, you will see his many projects…they are so bright, inspiring and thoughtful – and Simple. I love that any surface can become his canvas, even a huge tractor or his entire kitchen.

Kids and adults love Dallas Clayton’s simple SILLY creature drawings…


But, his drawings of UP-Reaching Arms are my favorite…




Who are your favorite children’s book authors?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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