A Cuppa heART


Just a quickie…with a fun video link. I am a bit reluctant to type the word “coffee” in a post. Sigh. I mean ENOUGH, right? But I thought it would be fun to experiment with latte heART, since we are going into cooler autumn weather, at least in this side of the globe. Starbucks has this quick and appears SIMPLE instruction video on How to Make Latte Art at Home.  Enjoy…

Inspiration from Pinterest…


Then I found another video, painting the design, some of these look real simple to do and after making it the first time I would hope it could be done quickly, like when you want to impress your guests ; ) oh you gotta also work into the conversation that it is called, Malowanie na kawie!

Did you try it? Come on, share your heART!

Also –

Have you been not receiving my usual Sunday & Wednesday post Subscriber notifications in your email? Yikes, I totally go nuts with these rare computer glitches. I don’t know what happened to create that problem, but I will be working to fix it  –  but not until next week. So please drop in on those post days even without that email notice, I am still posting…in fact, I have some DIYs for October I am excited to share. Everything got pushed aside and stacked in my closet while we are dealing with my sister’s loss to cancer, it has been difficult to do anything extra. Sometimes I felt like I could not breathe. But… such is Life, with the new season will come promise of fresh beginnings and change. (Breathe) Oh and I have that closet(s) to face now. Have you noticed how when things go crazy in your life, your surroundings go into a state of chaos too?

thanks for MML!

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