6 Super Foods that Help Fight Cancer


Earlier this year I encouraged you to register and watch Ty Bollinger’s video series, The Truth About Cancer. Did you watch that series? It was beyond what I thought it might be, the information was an awakening – it covered the latest treatments, alternatives, nutrition, on & on… just so much to grab on to and start practicing, especially as preventative disease lifestyle.

One of the many changes in my food choices is that I now include Brazil nuts on my grocery list. That is such a little thing but for me helps my selenium deficiency. I find Brazil nuts in the bulk section, where I can in small quantities, so it only adds a couple of dollars to my food bill every two weeks. I eat only 2 nuts a day, usually in the morning at the same time I take just a few supplements. Do I believe this can prevent cancer? My answer is, Not on its own, but food choice can make a big difference in one’s overall health, for sure…so a Brazil nut, or two, per day is a SIMPLE way to eat your way to good health.

The following video interview of Dr. Robert Bell called, 6 Super Foods for Cancer Prevention was in Ty’s newsletter I receive in my email. Enjoy!

Want to learn more, HERE is a link.

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