Minestrone Soup for Fall


A toasty bowl of soup is my favorite thing about Fall. Well, second favorite to the colors of Fall. Soup becomes my go-to cold weather meal – any time of day. This is such a healthy food fuel recipe that I even eat it for breakfast, especially when I know my day is going to start early and be busy.

There are a lot of minestrone soup recipes, and of course many are the original recipe of someone’s Italian Nonna…grandma. This recipe Minestrone Alla Genovese, is truly in my opinion the BEST, but you do know all Italians say that about their Nonna’s recipe; ) BUT my opinion is not biased since I am not Italian, at our house minestrone soup was made by Nonna Campbell’s trust me, not very good. The perfect cozy autumn meal, for me, consists of: Minestrone alla Genovese, a simple green salad and a hot crusty loaf of bread to sop the soup up with. And a glass of red wine with the company of friends and FUN conversation. It’s a party!


Years ago, Captain & I joined a gourmet food group. Once a month, 6 couples would get together at the host member’s house for an extraordinary dinner.  We had several groups of 12 people lots of people=lots of good recipes The product of these gatherings was a big binder full of THE BEST recipes one could ever collect.


Today I drove across town to get my sausage, Cento Organic Italian tomatoes & beans at Sam’s Italian Deli & Market.

I learned many things from these seasoned older cooks but most important was to use only the best ingredients, which mostly means, for an authentic taste, you have to shop the local ethnic market of the food you are cooking and visit local farmer’s market, and buy fresh high quality produce.



That was 1982-83, yikes, and each year, as the leaves get their first hint of red and gold, I pull out this minestrone soup recipe.

The recipes for that gourmet dinner, A Little Bit of Italyauthentic family-rustic style and so good that I kept the entire original recipe/invitation for 34 years!


Mary Lou, our Italian hostess, shared a bunch of her family recipes, I especially loved her Minestrone alla Genovese.


Warning, I’m going to get off-track now…FOR FUN!…the quality of the old original invitation/recipe pack reminds me…that

In the early 80’s photocopiers were just beginning to use regular paper, so this original copied recipe invitation is a classic…hand typed on a typewriter, and run through the office machine while the boss was at lunch. I did that once using index paper and it messed up the “drum” inside, a very expensive part to replace. I guess this is my confession, because I did not breathe a word of it back then. Look at this video I found of the “Best” spot commercial of the time…I guess the PLAIN paper feature… I do remember that being a huge deal in the office. As I remember it, most offices could not afford to have one of those fancy plain paper copier until closer to the 90’s!

Ok, back on track…Through the years I have adjusted some ingredients and added more broth to the original recipe, the PDF includes my adjustments as I cooked it today. The original recipe was so thick after sitting over night that it needed to be eaten with a fork! I prefer it more soupie so I can use bread to sop it up. Yum! Ready for the recipe???

 Click for PDF recipe-Minestrone alla Genovesa

Do you have a family Nonna recipe?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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