Welcome Fall – Freebie chalk printable


In California, we are still in a record drought, so today I am keeping my fingers-crossed and sending good vibes via Freebie chalkboard art. Last October we did get an early rain that continued long enough to green-up our brown grass and give some life to our distressed trees. Let me tell you, it is hard to watch the trees we’ve nurtured for decades wilt away in the Valley heat. Water meters were implemented to coerce us to conserve water waste…unfortunately, landscape/trees are lumped into that wasteful water category. In the summer, with temperatures often triple-digit, we are allowed to water only 2 days per week.

So it is no surprise there is a rush to –


Source: Decoist.com

Source: Decoist.com

synthetic grass…


 the slogan…


and today – my happy Rain dance chalkboard’s

Good Vibes


Grab your freebie PDF – HERE Printable Welcome Fall 2016 chalk art

Tip for printing realistic Chalk Art:  Since I am always aware of $$$ when printing (at home) a large solid background using SO MUCH ink, I have a formula to get best results the first time. PRINT SETTINGS: Use white bond paper, “Plain” paper setting and “Best” print quality, and Grayscale (monochrome or B&W – non-color setting.)  Those settings will maintain the mid-gray tones of the erased chalk smears and scratches. Actual size (7 x 10 inches), printed on Letter size paper, will produce a size you can trim for display.

Meet Me Lakeside next Wednesday, when I put on my tool belt and power-up some tools for a “Harvest Box” DIY build!

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