Weekend Wanderings 10.23


This weekend I am finally setting up my photography Studio! Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. The bar is real low here…I am only referring to a few pieces of wood laying on top of a table, near a window. Confession: I’m not even sure which window yet. But for still life photography that is all I need, well, maybe a few sheets of foam board and a piece of fabric to filter the sunlight, and I am good to go.

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Captain pulled out, from the side yard, 3 old fence boards I had saved from his re-fencing project this past Spring. How can old wood make my heart pound so hard? They will make a perfect backdrop for still life arrangements.

I cleaned 30 years of grime off of them using a stiff wire brush.

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Honestly I needed to “Just Get Started” on the setup so I can shoot some photos to get caught-up with my Kim Klassen The Studio 2.0 class. I feel so far behind! But today was good, this is the start, and I should be ready to hit it on Monday.

The board on the right was brushed clean.

I picked up 3 white and 3 black foam boards at the Dollar store. They are still in the spare room…when I get to them, I will make a folded 3-panel backdrop of each color using duck tape. Nothing fancy. These can be used to block out the view of the room, control (bounce, reflect) lighting…lighting can make an incredible difference in creating a moody dark or a light and airy feel to the same arrangement.

Do you need to Just Get Started?

Meet me lakeside in the coming weeks to watch my progress. I can’t wait to get started!

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