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In an upcoming December MML post, I will be sharing my neutral decoration in my 2016 Christmas Home Tour. But I thought today Readers might be interested in these AFFORDABLE accent pillow covers. I Wandered upon them online a few months ago, in fact, two pillows popped-up in a recent MML post.

Accent Pillows are one of the easiest ways to instantly re-decorate a room, and who can’t use instant decor around the Holidays? My regular Readers know I am a little obsessed with changing out pillows each season. I shared a another DIY post on how to make a simple cable knit pillow HERE. That cozy cable knit pillow will be used this season for the first time.

The big problem for me was the storage of the unused bulky little pillows. Solution: Buy only pillow covers, they can be stored by stacking flat or draping groups of them over a clothes hanger or rod. For the pillow (inside) forms I bought, an 18″ x 18″ is my ideal pillow size, it works both on the sofa and in bedrooms. I also have one 24″ x 24″ pillow form and two lumbar size forms. So pretty much I don’t have to store a stuffed pillow anymore, because now when I purchase a pillow cover, I make sure it will fit those size forms that I already have.

AFFORDABLE Pillow Insert Forms: Nowadays, I prefer less puffy pillows on the sofa, they don’t take up so much space. HERE is my favorite pillow form, it’s super cheap, $7. to fit 18″ x 18″ pillow cover. It is just puffy enough but does not take up too much space on furniture.

Pillow Cover Inspiration

Here are a few of my favorite AFFORDABLE Pillow Covers from Amazon:


Large Checked Pillow Cover: I purchased the B&W pillow covers (above), will stay on the sofa until Spring. The pillows provide the Black for this year’s Christmas neutral of Black/White/Beige color palette.



Tartan Plaid




Reindeer Pillow Cover


Compass Pillow Cover – in my post HERE



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