New Year’s Resolution & Freebie Printable

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! With 2017 New Year almost upon us, do you want to talk Resolutions? Do you make one each year? I don’t as a rule make a yearly resolution, because I not only Break it, I also Forget about … Continue reading

Christmas Wishes

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from Our family to Yours!

Day 12 – Twelve Days of Topaz

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Ahh, Today is the last day, Day 12 of Twelve Days of Topaz. The featured plug-in is Clarity. I can see Topaz Labs is ending their 12 days with a BANG because Clarity is A-m-a-z-i-n-g! They saved the BEST for … Continue reading

Day 11 – Twelve Days of Topaz

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Topaz Labs ReStyle is my first-stop Topaz Labs plug-in for Inspiration when I am not sure what direction to take. I love the soft ethereal feel of pastel-toned photos and have been able to get that effect using ReStyle. I saved my … Continue reading

Christmas Porch Plant & Day 10

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Happy Holidays! I had to weather the elements in order to get our porch decorated this year. The Christmas tree lot salesman was eager again this year to GIVE me scrap trimmings from the trees. I like FREE stuff especially … Continue reading

Day 9 – Twelve Days of Topaz

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Discount Code: LENSFX12 I often use Topaz Lens Effects to blur out selected areas of a photo to draw attention what I want the eye to be drawn to. With Lens Effects I am able to create all kinds of … Continue reading