DIY Christmas Napkin Rings

I took some time this past week to plan my Christmas Dinner Tablescape. If you host the holiday meals, you know that is a big deal…to plan ahead…otherwise it does not happen. Today I’m sharing a SNEAK PEEK of that tablescape which will be in next week’s MML’s Neutral Christmas Home Tour 2016. Today I’m sharing a napkin ring DIY, which is the crowning jewel of each individual place setting.

You know I love Nordic style’s simplicity, so when I saw some balsa wood trees in the seasonal bargain area of Target, I knew they would make a perfect centerpiece in this year’s tablescape. I even kept the plaid paper from inside the packaging for another project.

Since you’re peeking – did you notice the chalk lettering on the placemat? I reused the poster board placemats from my Night Before Christmas tablescape, I just flipped them over and lettered with liquid chalk and white gel pens. More on that next week… is my inspiration source for art/lettering and where I purchase all my digital papers & ephemera & scrapbook digitals, check it out. For more info on how to make faux calligraphy see a previous post HERE, where I link to a great caligraphy site.

I learned from years of entertaining, that if I don’t plan well in-advance how the table looks, it falls quickly to the bottom of my to-do list and doesn’t happen or at least to the level of my expectation. After a few of those regretful occasions, I began to make the holiday tablescape MY priority on MY holiday  to-do list.

I developed an easy menu of only tried & true holiday recipes for each holiday, I could shop & cook them blind-folded, therefore opening up a good amount of time to spend on the “pretty table and the food presentation.” A nice tablescape really does make the holiday meal something extraordinary.

Napkin Ring Process:

Oops, I meant, “tie.”

After tying the main ribbon, attach your ornament, in this case the snowflake I used ribbon to attach bells. You most likely will have something other than the snowflake like  I am using, so I will just say… that I attached 10″ and 6″ skinny silver ribbon lengths to bells and looped each ribbon through holes on my snowflake and knotted on the backside of the napkin. The snowflake could have also been hot glued to the main black ribbon, and then ribbons (with the jingle bells) attached separately. Simple but pretty.

That was the weirdest Directions for a DIY… (confession) after goofing-up my tie vs tye  grammar, I fell into a case of “Sedaris Talk” – I secretly often do that. That’s when you avoid using a word that you can’t say (or for me, have to think about) and start replacing that word creatively. I am a pro at that from practice as a child, who could not say certain letter sounds. My family was sure I could set a record for replacing the word “world” –  which sounded like Elmer Fudd saying it. Fortunately I worked-out my speech impediment before the “World Wide Web” was developed!

Do you create a Holiday Tablescape?

Stop in next week for MML‘s Neutral Christmas Home Tour 2016  to see the whole tablescape and our decked-out Lake Cottage!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!