Day 8 – Twelve Days of Topaz

It’s Day 8 of 12 Days of Topaz.

Today’s special price is for Glow plug-in.

Use discount Code: GLOW12

(Discount should be included on the link, below, without having to put in the Code)

Click HERE to BUY NOW!

Click HERE to BUY NOW!

Note, on the above HERE links, discounts for some of the Days you may have missed have been extended, so grab them if you missed them. ReMask, Adjust & Star Effects. To remove those you do not order just click the X next to the plug-in. AND… if Going Big is on your Wish List, the entire Topaz Collection is at a HUGE discount!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

I will be popping in each day this week to bring you a daily Topaz Labs’ discount CODE/Link and some of my images from last year’s post, that were edited using the featured daily Topaz Plug-in. So stop by and see what floats my boat on that particular day ; )

Disclaimer: I am, proudly, a Topaz Labs Affiliate member. Any products purchased through my links affords me a compensation. All (glowing) opinions expressed are mine based on my long-term use of Topaz Labs’ products and my use of their resources.