Day 9 – Twelve Days of Topaz

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I often use Topaz Lens Effects to blur out selected areas of a photo to draw attention what I want the eye to be drawn to. With Lens Effects I am able to create all kinds of effects in my after-camera editing, that would otherwise require a better ($) camera lens.

In previous posts last year, I used Lens Effects on the photo below to create more interest. I used Lens Effects’ selective bokeh (blur) to blur both the foreground (selected parts of the gate) and the background (the building) to focus on the nun on her bicycle. I was able to control the depth of blur.

The photo was taken near the wall of Vatican City and I had no time to set my camera’s focus. It was a quick tourist snapshot that was improved in the edit.

One of my favorite ways to use Lens Effects is  use streak blur.

From rain on the windshield…to City movement…

Paris in the Rain night snapshot. Using Lens Effects’ streak preset, Paris nightlife was captured in light movement.


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