Day 12 – Twelve Days of Topaz

Ahh, Today is the last day, Day 12 of Twelve Days of Topaz. The featured plug-in is Clarity. I can see Topaz Labs is ending their 12 days with a BANG because Clarity is A-m-a-z-i-n-g! They saved the BEST for Last!

As I said on Day 6, the favorite Topaz Labs plug-ins are Adjust & Clarity. The two must have editing tools to have for serious photographers (or for bad photographers, like me.)

I use Clarity on every single photo I edit. I can quickly improve the sharpness, detail, exposure and saturation with the control panel. It is truly the best.

At 40% OFF Clarity is going to be your best Deal of the Year

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Often when shooting indoors in a church or cathedral you cannot use a flash, so Clarity can help open-up the blocked shadows and adjust highlights, as well as control color saturation. This church was a beautiful pastel inside and I was able to bring back those clear tones during edit with Clarity. And look at the details that were not lost.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside! I have enjoyed being able to bring my Readers Twelve Days of Topaz because I am such a HUGE fan of Topaz products and their policy for free updates and free training through Webinars. The plugs-in are so powerful. If you are on the side-line of whether to purchase or not I would encourage you to do a 30-day Free Trial.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!