New Year’s Resolution & Freebie Printable


With 2017 New Year almost upon us, do you want to talk Resolutions? Do you make one each year? I don’t as a rule make a yearly resolution, because I not only Break it, I also Forget about it. I put my Resolution onto chalk art hoping that by displaying it on the kitchen counter should help me not only to remember it this year, but to encourage me to practice it.

The saying, When you come to a Fork in the road…take it, recently caught my eye. Not only for its clever twist of words but for the thought behind it. To me it means to DO something, not just consider which way to go, or whether to do something. Decide…Take Action! That is powerful.

For 2017 I am combining my New Year’s Resolution and Word(s) for year to be the same…TAKE IT.

There are so many benefits that will come from following a resolution, that I invite you to join me in 2017 by selecting a 2017 Resolution or 2017 Word for the Year…who knows, it may lead to new Adventures!

Grab your Free New Year’s Resolution Printable: MML 2017 Resolution download

What is your 2017 Resolution or Word?

I would love to hear about what you have chosen, my Comments section, below, is now working (finally).

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