Two Years of Blogging-What I Learned Surprises Me

Recently I got a message on my WordPress page that Meet Me Lakeside had hit its Second Year Anniversary. WhooHoo! Seems like yesterday…

My immediate reaction was to write a January Post titled, 5 Things I Learned from 2 Years of BloggingI really thought it would be one of those quick, jot-down-a-few-notes & bang-it-out posts…with a bullet point edit. I was expecting to have whittle down to the most astounding 5 from maybe 7 or 10 life-lessons, right? I whipped-out (in a confidence gesture way) a pen and small notepad from my purse as I sat at Starbucks, you know…to get it “jotted” during coffee and before going onto the rest of my morning routine. Fast forward, second venti-half green-half black-unsweetened-iced tea, blank notepad…I am now surfing to see what other bloggers say about what they’ve learned…And thinking…

Maybe there is ONE thing I have learned, it’s about myself. I work better when I have a Deadline. That surprises a person (me) who has spent her (me, again) whole life as a “Planner” (seriously anal Planner.) My old mantra (as if I had one): Plan ahead to avoid the stress of a deadline. And the further out I start to plan the better. Through blogging I now see the friendly-side of the dreaded Deadline. The posting date deadline is what many times this past year forced me to take a deep breath and push through my fear of not totally knowing how to do something. My normal way would be to plan and, most likely, over-think a process in order to guarantee “perfection” – NOW when I spend too much time “thinking”  about how to do a project, I just push ahead and try to get it done. It has helped to look for the most SIMPLE way to do a project so that it fits within MML’s Where Only Simple Floats motto. So, my second year of blogging may not have given me a snappy list of bullet-worthy life lessons, but I did get a heck of a lot of projects done and accomplish projects I normally would not attempt.

If you are still here…below is a podcast that I have learned MORE THAN 5 Things from this year. To get you started, I linked to an episode that I’ve listened to recently. You can listen there or through your usual podcast app.

Happier – with Gretchen Rubin & sister, Elizabeth Craft discuss good habits and happiness. Gretchen is a lawyer turned writer and her sister Elizabeth is a television show writer. Their lives and personalities are very different from each other which creates a good duo for of ideas that they bounce back and forth as they podcast Gretchen from NYC and Elizabeth from LA. I’m always left with something that will make my life better & Happier.


Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,