Finding Next Year’s Inspiration Now

Did you know something as simple as gift wrapping paper can Inspire your whole Christmas color scheme? If you are like me, you like to decorate differently each year BUT you don’t want to break the bank. Especially now, while you are out-and-about, pay attention to the colors (in the stores) that you are drawn towards, because you can work those colors into your Christmas decor next year. Plus, on that budget…you can buy items now at super discounted prices to totally change a color scheme or use as fillers to make Christmas 2017’s NEW Look!

Last week I was leaving a store after purchasing a few After-Christmas clearance items, when out of the corner of my eye (we call that shopper’s peripheral vision) I saw a package of gift wrapping paper. Perfect! A package of THREE coordinated designs that immediately let me to know what next year’s (2017) Christmas color palette would be… Red/White/Turquoise. It also gave me the Mood of my Holiday decor…simple with a nod to Retro. Since I always like to use what I have when possible, I plan to incorporate the red and white Nordic decorations from 2015 so it should be interesting to see how the old & new come together. I think it will be a fresh twist of Scandinavian & mid-century Americana style…Scandi-Groovey? The best part is…I have ALL year to Plan, Pin & Create! I love the idea that I have time to craft some decorations over the year.

With my color scheme for next year already set, I can keep building throughout the year on the look as I go through stores, especially this month when Christmas stock is at rock bottom prices.

I already found a second (shorter) pencil Christmas tree to stand next to this year’s tree, and it was discounted 80% off.  I set it up next to the taller still decorated tree, and really liked how the two trees look together – one decorated and one with only lights.

It feels great having these decisions already made! I told you last week that I am a Planner-type girl, and how much I like to complete projects early…well I think this fits that category for sure!

What’s your Holiday Plan for Next Year?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!