Weekend Wanderings 1.8

I recently ran across a sheepskin cushion cover while wandering through the store aisle. It was noticeably higher quality than the rough-cut sheepskin throws usually seen in discount stores. I noticed, too, that it was pre-sewn to fit over, what I assume to be, a stool or side table, and best of all, its tag showed the brand of my favorite Scandinavian collection that Home Goods only recently started selling.

Fortunately the sheepskin was not priced and, from experience, unmarked items usually fetch me a greater bargain at Home Goods. So after the saleslady compared the size to the size of those lower quality pieces in the store, I got a great deal on this (Wales) Sheepskin beauty, only $14. Whoo-hoo!

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While I was waiting for time to make a DIY using my sheepskin, I did manage to slip it into recent Holiday posts. I used it to stage some of my Christmas Tour scenes, covering a pillow and as a backdrop to presents. But I knew from the time I first held this shaggy little guy, it was going to make a great (funky) statement piece. My hunch is that it originally was a cover for a mid-century style side table or stool, so that is the direction my DIY project would go.

I searched local stores and the internet to find 15-inch long mid-century legs, but they were either too short or too long. I ended up finding a deal on 12-inch legs so I ordered four, but after looking at them I decided they were too short for the thickness of the cushion needed to fill the pre-sewn sheepskin. I put the legs in the closet for another project…another day.

I did find the perfect solution…come back Wednesday to see my sheepskin DIY. It is not mid-century or even Scandi. Hint: think Boho-Industrial. Bet you haven’t heard of that style ; )

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