DIY- Boho/Industrial Sheepskin Table

I am totally loving my new DIY sheepskin side table. It was very easy to put together, because the table top was just the right size for the sheepskin fur to slipped over with no additional cutting or sewing. I gave the galvanized metal legs a modern paint-dipped-look by painting the bottoms with a hammered texture copper paint.  It has that funky Boho and cool industrial vibe goin’ on, so I’m calling the table a Boho/Industrial style.


Even though it is convenient to flip the table on-end to spray the legs with them UP, where I all sides & angles are exposed; it is better to take the time, and lay the table/legs flat so the paint doesn’t run, which messes up the hammered texture. I was lucky that only one leg had to be resprayed to fix a paint run. (photo below).

Since this is a table I used a firm, flat dense fiber cushion to fill the sheepskin top. I bought the metal table at Hobby Lobby, where there was also a shorter, smaller table that would have made a nice (softer) stool.

(Below) the top of the table is recessed deeply, it looks like a tray with hand hold openings. I filled the tray with cushions.

It took 2 packages of cushion filler to make a thick pad that extended above the hard metal edges of the table. I cut and stacked the two pads so they fit snug without glue. Then the sheepskin fit on top, secured with elastic to insure no slippage.

The grid lines are the thin elastic strands. An alternative would have been to use four short strips of velcro to secure to the table sides.

A few days before removing our Christmas decorations, I placed my table next to the Christmas trees. The feeling that my soft, furry Boho/Industrial table brought to the room was that of a Snowy feel…it created a cozy Winter atmosphere.

Actually, I can envision my Boho/Industrial table in several other style settings. The fur makes the cut for a Scandi-chic style, and it would also look hot in Glam-style room. I think this Boho glamorous fur juxtaposed with rusty galvanized metal would bring a surprise contemporary element to any room, don’t you?

Cost: Sheepskin, Home Goods $15.  Table, Hobby Lobby $35.  Padding, Walmart, 2 at $6. ea, Copper Paint, Walmart $5.  Elastic, Hobby Lobby $1  Total = $68.

What accessory have you re-purpose into a new style?

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6 thoughts on “DIY- Boho/Industrial Sheepskin Table

  1. Love the table or high stool. Just one thing I can’t figure out. There is the pic where you show what I think is the underside of the table.with the sheepskin on did you take the legs off or did you mask them out. The table doesn’t look like you could take the legs off and put ba

  2. The photo you are referring to does have the legs and underside of table masked with newspaper and blue tape, it is confusing because I, in haste, sprayed the exposed leg bottoms prior to shooting the photo. The table is all one unit. I need to have a check off list for my photos so I don’t get excited about the doing and forget about photography of each step, lol!

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