Climate-Change – don’t think about it…


Recently I listened to the following NPR podcast, Hidden Brain, episode 27. It helps me understand – a little better – why deniers fail to see or excuse mankind’s participation in what is happening before our eyes. It talks about how human behavior plays a part in accepting the science of climate change.

Take a short break, grab some coffee, get comfortable and give a listen. Oh , Did you know? As you listen, (provided it has not already happened) a gigantic piece of glacier is now shedding  – HUGE – the size of a state in the USA or a country abroad. Really…we need to pay attention…SOON – do you hear that PG’ing-Potus?

SISTER  Power!

Wow, so many women marched yesterday for Equal (Human) Rights! I’m proud…So many Positive, Non-Violent voices were heard loud & clear, (our Sisters) around the WorldHERE

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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