Finding Your Element

I am jumping right into February (a little early.) February is the month when our hearts turn to mush, sooo, I thought I would share with you one of my best Reads. It is as much about loving yourself or someone special, as it is about finding your Passion. The book is The Elementby Sir Ken Robinson.

Oh my gosh, it’s one of those little books that every (new) parent should read, as well as every young (or old) person who is wondering, Who Am I, or, What do I want to BE?  Well, good news… You don’t have to Become, you already ARE! That is the book’s answer, in short…finding your Element.

Sir Ken helps you understand the process of finding your Element through the stories of real people…some you may have heard of…like Paul McCartney? It tells how the Element is revealed in early childhood; interests or special gifts can be seen if adults only knew how to pay attention…before society defines them. The book describes it this way, “The Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion.” You know this…When someone is in their Element they are consumed with what they are doing and time stops. Being in the Zone is another way to phrase it. Have you experienced that?

New parents: Once you read the book you will be looking at your children differently, watching for what sparks them. Everyone has an Element (or two) that brings them joy.

Once while I was substituting as a clerk in a school office, I overheard a conversation between a teacher and other secretaries about his young son who has autism…the dad was going through a bumpy road. The teacher returned to the office at the end of the school day, I grabbed my book, The Element, placed it in his hands, and said, “Relax, your son has a special Element, You just need to discover it.”

Like I said, The Element is the perfect February Read.


Let’s LOVE,  not squelch, each other’s Element

What is your Element?


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  1. I get that! And I know you are a multi-Elements “maker” gal. I think there are lot more ways nowadays for creatives, like you, to make a good profession of your talents. I have always thought “styled organizing” would be just one nitche that comes natural to you for sure. Also, your people skills are more than “just skills” it is pretty unique.

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