DeCluttered Linen Closet – Reveal

I’m back this week with Part Two – the Reveal of our newly organized Linen Closet. HERE if you missed Part One. The Contemporary Styling combined with white paint and pops of green feel so fresh & pretty that I left the sliding doors off a few extra days to enjoy it. I can’t tell you how much more efficient the new container storage system is! It has also freed-up tons of space in nearby closets & cabinets. Hey, the challenge of making the space functional and pretty was FUN! It was all about the container system. Baskets, collapsible fabric bins, plastic containers, two with drawers. Although the stores were loaded with all the latest trendy color container choices, I stayed within my budget by using “green” as my accent color, since I had that on-hand. With several more closets to organize I stretched my budget by choosing collapsible fabric bins that appear to be surprisingly durable, and, come on, in a solid black…I couldn’t resist adding white chalk words.

(I will share, in an upcoming post, my Simple & Affordable way to chalk-letter on the black fabric bins used in this Linen Closet Reveal.)

But first to remind you where we left off last week in Part One.

I emptied the closet, and edited what would come back. This was to become a “Linen Closet,”so that was my space priority. I did a trial-run, loading all the containers onto shelves…bringing in linens first, then filled the extra space with craft supplies.

Then…shelves were emptied again, and edges trimmed with molding, and the entire area got fresh paint and shelves were lined with vinyl. Whew!

and the closet was loaded and styled…

Before & After

Left side…

Right side…

Wow, what a difference!

Are you ready for the full frontal view? ; )

The Reveal…

Styled Pretty and Lots of storage SPACE!!! Bath towels: no longer are stored in under-sink cabinets of the guest bathroom, so they won’t have that musty odor. Sheets & Extra Towels: I was storing way too many “extra” sheets & towels, we only need one extra set of bedding per bedroom and only a few extra towel sets. So I Set Them Free! HERE is a link on how to fold & store sheet sets as shown below.

(above & below photos) Kitchen organizational gadgets were used to maximize the tall vertical space above the top shelf. On the left-side, a plate rack lifted my chargers up, so underneath the rack, a plastic basket filled with napkin rings could fit; on the right-side, a lid/tray vertical rack separates seasonal pictures. This solution created a storage area for those large or awkward to store items.

A bonus is having ALL my table linens & tablescape goodies in one closet…

Whoo-hoo!! – my new containers were so efficient at “compressing” ALL the linens, that I was left with MORE space to store Fabric, Craft, Candles and Seasonal supplies and so much more!

Life is about to get EASY and a lot more ORGANIZED!

Put the “Pretty” into your re-organized space and you will be more motivated to keep it looking that way throughout the year.

Are YOU INSPIRED to De-Clutter and Re-Organize?

Meet Me Lakeside next week…I’m on a roll!

Supply Source:

Plastic containers  & collapsible bins – WalmartHyacinth Baskets and Step Stool – (discount stores) Home Goods and Ross. Paint, Satin sheen, Pure White – Home Depot. Molding Trim – Lowe’s.