Weekend Wanderings 2.14

February 14th, Valentines Day is coming soon. I’m lovin’ the way women are connecting with other women these days, so my Valentine gift is for the ladies. Sharing the LOVE…that’s what Galentines Day is all about.

Do you know a Gal who could use a little lov’in? Today’s Gal-entine Bath Salts DIY is a pretty & healthy way to treat that special Gal to some relaxation. Nothing is more relaxing than a steaming hot bath salts bath.

Recently I read that many Women, of all ages, are likely to have a magnesium deficiency.  Epsom salt is a great source of magnesium, which can be absorbed through the skin during a 20 minute soak in epsom salted water. I use Dr. Teal’s therapeutic epsom salt, it dissolves quickly for fast absorption. I am linking to Dr Axe, HERE, because he so thoroughly covers the subject of natural solutions and has 10 recipes that I based my gift bath salts on.

Here is what I did…

I made 2 big batches of different bath salts to divide into the pretty decorated test tubes (Michael’s Craft store.) Each test tube only holds 1/4 cup, so I put extra bath salts into a little bag to give along with the test tube. If you don’t have time to buy test tubes, no worries, any container can be used for the bath salts, it just needs to be air tight (lid or a zip bag) to prevent the salt from drawing moisture from the air. I used decorative paper, transparent stickers, Washi tape and twine to decorate the containers. Other items like ribbon & trim and wrapping paper or even a strip newspaper or page from a book would be fun to use.

Obviously, this is one of those DIYs where there is no one way to do it. So experiment with your ingredients. Experiment with favorite essential oil scents to create something unique. I used Lavender & Sweet Orange EO’s in the dried lavender batch and Thrive EO in the Hibiscus Green Tea batch. Thrive is the EO I diffuse most in the house, it is a combo of cloves, citrus and eucalyptus (cheap at Walmart.) The same goes with the dried florals – chose your favorites. I went to the bulk section at the grocery store and lifted the lids of each tea blend to smell which ones I liked best. I also limited it to those teas with NO caffeine (since caffeine could be absorbed, during a bath, through the skin.) The bins indicate caffeine levels of the teas; low to high & none. I pulled pink Himalayan salt from my pantry, and used a coffee grinder to make it powder fine. Be sure to read Dr Axe’s details on the benefits of Himalayan salt. The price of the salt varies from how deeply down it is mined…the deeper the richer in mineral content. So in this case, pay as much as you can afford to get more healthy benefits back. Here’s a TIP: Put the Bath Salts mixture into a mesh bag so the tea leaves don’t clog your bath drain pipes; and because of the corrosive nature of salt, I rinse the bathtub out with fresh water to protect the metal fixtures. I know…that kinda cancels-out the relaxation mode you just got into to!  ; \

Relax & Enjoy!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside