Weekend Wanderings 2.19

Another month is coming to an end soon…maybe it’s just OLD me, but, does Time SWOOSH by nowadays? I am taking a short vacation from MML to finish a few projects around the lake cottage, the kind that weigh me down. After a surprise wet winter and spring around the corner, yikes suddenly things are “off” and need extra attention. I guess we got too complacent with “drought” dry California living.

I always look forward to my time blogging, but having weekly post deadlines does complicate my schedule. I am at the point now where even though I don’t enjoy these random chores, I enjoy LESS knowing that they are on my plate and will be until…solution is SIMPLE…take a break to devote time to get it ALL done! I do love bring my own BOSS ; )

let me leave you with this…

For today’s post, I wandered upon a great website last week, HERE, it is loaded with so many fun to read posts. The blogger, Ruth Soukup, also offers free e-books for bloggers; those wanting to start a blog OR those, like me, who want to grow & improve an existing blog. I am in the process of reading and implementing strategies as I learn them. The information has been already helpful, in that it motivated me to (begin to) improve my Pinterest presence to drive more traffic to MML and its gotten me to install a few WordPress & Google plugins I was not familiar with. It is hard once a blog is finally up-and-going, to go back and add all the things that are available to the blog process easier and better. Now, after 2 years, I am circling back to do grab what I missed out on the first time. (Below) Ruth has a Facebook page for Elite Blog Academy so I took time at lunch to check it out. Honestly, as a blogger, I feel like I hit the jack-pot, at the perfect time, when I found Ruth’s site that includes all this information.

Watching Facebook Elite Blog Academy replay of LIVE chat.

If you wonder if you should or could begin your own blog, take Ruth’s, Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Blogger, assessment Quiz.

I am on her waiting list for the Elite Blog Academy class. I can’t wait. Motivation to clear my plate so I can devote time to it.

If you are NOT interested in blogging…I still recommend Ruth’s site, Living Well Spending Less, it is loaded with so many great posts.

See you soon…when we jump right into Spring!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!