Irish Whiskey Bundt Cake

(ok, I revised the PDF recipe download to include the 1 Cup of Walnuts, that I left out the first-go-around)

While going through my old recipes, boy do I need to organize them, I came across Aunt Jo’s Whiskey Bundt Cake recipe that was given to me years ago. I remember getting the recipe in the mail after returning from a trip over Easter Holiday. When it’s that good, you remember those special deliveries. We had attended a big family Easter luncheon at Aunt Jo’s house and all the ladies wanted her recipe for that bundt cake she served that day. It was pretty awesome!

It reminds me of the classic Bacardi Rum cake recipe, but much stronger…if you know what I mean. Definitely if made the way it was served that day, your Irish eyes will be smiling. Aunt Jo called this cake her, “Funeral Cake” because she always took it to after-funeral gatherings. She told us that it must be made (at least) 2 days in advance to be at its fullest favor, since you are to “give it a shot of whiskey every time you walk by it” – not really, but do that at least once in those 2 days…for the full flavor.

It is a simple but nice looking cake. I have served the Whiskey Bundt on Saint Patrick’s day by placing it on a gold paper doilie with a small pot o’Shamrock clover in the center hole (you find shamrock plants in March at grocery stores.) It is a real show stopper!

Grab your Irish Whiskey Bundt Recipe Download.

Today’s photo shows Aunt Jo’s recipe printed on a green scrapbook paper and displayed on a 8″x6″ tin plaque from Michael’s Crafts. I used  Washi tape and stickers to attach it.

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Drop by next week, I’ve made some amazing decorations for Spring & Easter for the lake cottage, I cannot wait to share them with you!


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  1. Don’t mean to be picky.. How much walnuts and I assume chopped? My relatives used sherry. More in line with the wine drinking Italians. Sherry cake and wine to help it go down. Made the occasion a little less sad, sometimes a whole lot less sad.

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