Weekend Wanderings 3.12

In honor of Saint Paddy I am bringing you a bit o’Green today, however, not in any form you would expect. Just Green Color, Greenery 88B04B to be exact. I just love when PANTONE colour of the Year is revealed. I had to rewrite that sentence…I was going to ask it, as a question, as though I think most people get as excited over color as I do. Well…”Do You?”

This new color is, in itself, EXCITING; an acidic-yellow-infused, twisted-retro, fresh-spring-sprig Green. I am drawn to it! I don’t think I would paint a wall in Greenerybut in small amounts it could add a hot vibe to any space. A chair, YES, in mid-century style!  A glossy entry door, a translucent glass lamp, a soft velvet throw pillow…Greenery plays well with Texture. I can also see this color playing well with shades of Blue or Gray.

Greenery is not new to my favorite colors list, I recall being drawn to it on April 8, 2010 (photo metadata comes in handy). I took today’s Post photo at a local car show and I remember that color drawing me to it from across to street – electric among the other more subdued colored cars. It was a sunny day, which isn’t always the case for this particular annual show, so all the cars had plenty of reflection going on for photographers to contend with. (Sidebar) I forgot to wear all black that day, a trick I learned the previous year when I spotted a man dressed in black and sporting a black foam board around his head. I concluded, after comparing my photos to his, that his method was “odd, but effective” and vowed to at least do the all black clothing in the future, sans the head-gear. Anyway, this Greenery colored car was shocking in the brilliant sunlight!

Watch for Greenery, it is going to be EVERYWHERE; in clothing, cars, home accessories and maybe by the end of the year…you’ll love IT too.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!