To VAX or Not to VAX- know where YOU stand…

Do you know where you stand on Vaccinations? To VAX or Not VAX, whether it be childhood immunizations or flu shots for adults, it is very confusing no matter where you live (or travel) in the world. The best thing about being a Blogger is having a platform to speak through when I feel an issue is important. I have, in the past used my blog to share links to Ty & Charlene Bollinger’s, Truth About Cancer video series and their Live Cancer Symposium in Houston, because I am passionate about knowing about new information in order to make smart decisions on important issues. Now the Bollingers have produced a NEW 7-part docu-series that is equally important, The Truth About Vaccines. WAIT! I can hear many minds slamming-shut, because Whether to VAX is a hot topic, right? Let me assure you, this video series is for both the Pro & the Con AND the Fence Sitter.

It brings information together from all sides, you will hear:

  • Pro-vaccine experts
  • Anti-vaccine expert
  • Information that will help you decide where YOU stand

I’m here to say, I WAS totally on the Pro-side VAX for many years! My grown kids were always up-to-date on their “shots.” And in October, oh my, Captain and my son were shocked when I refused to get this year’s free flu shot. They reminded me I was always like a Poster Child for the flu shot. I have to admit, I had no real information for being so adamant about vaccines, only a cache load of clichés to back me up. I shamefully remember one morning sitting at my (elementary school) Attendance Secretary desk, and rolling my eyes as a mother walked away after tearfully telling me that she believed it was vaccinations that caused her son’s autism. Again, I am so sorry that my mind was closed and I could not offer her comforting words AND I am so sorry, especially, that I rolled my eyes. I realize now, that was her truth and that her guilt must have been unbearable (Shame on me).

Here is another Sneek Peek of the docu-series & Schedule

What opened me up to hearing the other side was actually another cliché…We ARE what we Eat…and further, We ARE How we Live. Air, Water, Food and Movement – The QUALITY of each of those things has a direct impact on our health. So what does that have to do with vaccines? Well, it only makes sense to make sure the air, food and water are free of toxins that will hurt our body. Vaccines, my friends, is loaded with ingredients that are dangerously toxic to us, especially to those little newborns & children, whom we protect. So, do you understand that, Whatever side of the vaccination you are on, you must know current facts of what is in the stuff we shoot into our bodies and the consequences. The series will include information from the latest research supported by current technology, some of it hidden from us. It is fascinating and important.

On my journey to learn more, I heard Dr. Tenpenny speak about why she is a “Not Vax” proponent.

It is Spring that means here in California, time for Kindergarten Registration. At registration parents must provide proof up-to-date vaccinations in order to attend California schools. No doctor waivers allowed, like in past years, unless an extreme reason. This is a dilemma for many parents. What would you do if you believe some of the required vaccines could harm your child? You are going to be hearing arguments on both sides, whether you are a parent standing with other parents in line after school, or if you are a grandparent who is listening to other grandparent stories…your reaction & opinion needs to come from good information, please, don’t just roll your eyes.

Click below to register and see what the series will cover.

*Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate, however, my personal code attached to that link that will earn me points toward a gift series set of  dvd’s.

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