Ramos Fizz Cali-Style

A frothy Ramos Fizz cocktail is the perfect way to kick-off your Easter Brunch. While the little one’s are hunting for eggs, adults can enjoy this tangy sunrise sipper. Doesn’t that sound fun? Gwen’s Ramos Fizz is a pleasant alternative to the usual Easter Brunch Mimosa, it’s a more delicate drink, with a creamy-froth texture.

I call Gwen’s Ramos Fizz “California-style” because California-style,  is another way of saying, “easy no-fuss version,” and that’s how we roll in Cali. The Ramos Fizz originated in Nola and is often called a New Orleans’ Fizz. As with most drink concoctions, the Ramos Fizz recipe has traveled cross-country morphing along the way, to fit the tastes and lifestyle of particular regions.

Which brings me to the California version of this classic cocktail; when it hit California, the seltzer water (final splash) was removed…hmm, isn’t that the fizz? Anyway…in the late 70’s when I was introduced to Gwen’s Ramos Fizz, the original Nola and fancy NYC Ramos Fizz recipes had become this very casual “California-style”Ramos Fizz…lemonade concentrate and o.j, instead of fresh squeezed lemon & lime juice, and again, no seltzer water, quickly whirled in a blender, not shaken. That’s quite a difference! Disclaimer: I do the seltzer water splash finish – for the fizzzz.

Don’t kiss-off this California version as TOO SIMPLE…it IS, but it tastes GREAT too, and I love that it is super quick to make refills when guests ask for one more (that’s a guarantee). You do need to know the Bartender’s Secret in order to get MEGA tiny bubble froth. Are you curious? I put that Secret in the recipe download below.

Of course, California-style is, also, all about the Host not tying himself down to the duty of bar tending. So make a BIG batch to serve the guests as they arrive, then go enjoy the party.

My Tip when entertaining is to pay special attention to the glassware…make them fun by adding colorful straws, and bamboo stir/picks dolled-up with fruit or veges…all that extra fuss adds a FESTIVE flair to your party. I bought a bunch of individual-size wine carafes (at the Dollar store) to make the refill easy. I made carafe coasters by dry-brush painting terracotta plant drip dish – it was simple, they fit the garden theme of my Easter Tablescape.

The Menu sets the mood of what’s to come. I bought a Boho Watercolor Art bundle from one of my favorite artists, PeaceArt, at CreativeMarket.com and made it using Photoshop Elements.

Take your make-shift bar OUT of the kitchen, by creating a cozy beverage station to serve your special cocktail & appetizers. This year we are using my DIY Potting Bench as a Happy Hour serving table for Easter Brunch.

A Start Here bunny sign was part of a package of Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt signs I found at Home Goods. The arrow points in the direction of the Ramos Fizz cocktails to let guests know where the Easter Brunch Party begins!

Download: Gwen’s Ramos Fizz Recipe

Are you Inspired to serve a NEW cocktail at your next soiree?

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  1. I have smalls stacks of various sizes of terra cotta plant saucers that I use for entertaining too. I put them through the dishwasher before and after and find all kinds of uses for them.

  2. This cocktail sounds delicious! I love your green potting bench and how lovely you’ve styled it for your Easter brunch. The menu is pretty, too, and sounds very fresh–perfect for spring!

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