A Review – Truth About Vaccines episode 1

There is still time to register to watch (for Free) the Truth About Vaccines, and you can catch the first episode if you register now. HERE

I watched episode 1, Truth About Vaccines, last night – I thought the information was valuable. I’m sharing my thoughts below, but first here is a capsule of what it covered:

Dr. Rachel Ross MD (former Co-Host of “The Doctors”) shares her personal experience (at 6:28) of the birth of her daughter and her vaccine choice.

RFK Jr. shares the real reasons why vaccine manufacturers have no liability and describes the “precautionary principle.”

Get a “behind the scenes” look at a “vaccine legislation” meeting with a Congressman in the Rayburn House Building in Washington D.C.

Hear the personal story of Davida and Nico LaHood (San Antonio District Attorney) as they describe the differences in their four children.

Mike Adams (“the Health Ranger”) elaborates on the similarities and differences between “vaccinations” and “immunizations.”

Review – My opinion is that Ty has a “winner” here, he is not pushing an agenda by convincing you to be Pro or Anti Vaccine. And the experts in episode 1 are tops in their fields, many I have heard as speakers at other health conferences. My only criticism is that the music sometimes over-powered the voices.  That may be just me, because I often find that when watching movies.

What I got from episode 1, is that vaccines do serve a benefit in controlling diseases but, at the increased level at which they are given and the toxic ingredients in some of them, we must be prudent in what and when a vaccine is given. In particular, the grouping of vaccines given in a single shot needs to be studied more. The term they use for the prudent person is Vaccine Hesitant, not Anti-vaccine.

I am looking forward to episode 2 tonight, and highly recommend it. Episode 2: “What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio?”

thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside,