Weekend Wanderings 5.7

Here in California, winds & rain have calmed down (for now) and it is warming, so everyone seems to be outdoors; lots of barbecues, neighbors hiking the river trail  & puttering in their yards. Captain & I walked over to the Annual Bonsai event at a nearby park…little did we know that would be the beginning of our new Spring project. A remake on last Spring’s remake zen garden. Yes, that is, “re-doin’ the re-do.”

The event had a huge amount of bonsai for sale and auction, making it hard to resist.

We both kept going back to the privet bonsai (above) – of course we were just “browsing” with no intention to buy, so after looking, we left to walk home. However, the next day that old guy (bonsai, not the man in the photo) kept calling for Captain…so he went back late in the day, on the last day of the event, and got the privet bonsai for a “deal.”

To accommodate our new old guy on the block, all other plants and stands had to be moved around…no simple feat, with each plant connected to a drip line. Remember how it looked (below) when Captain re-made his zen garden last Spring? HERE is the DIY post.

Last year’s, Before & After remake in Spring 2016.

After all the moving around of bonsai, we decided to go one step further and reface the slat fence behind the zen garden with solid wood. You can see all our gathered ideas on my Pinterest Board . The purpose for our solid fence is to create a more defined garden area, block the clutter, and provide a backdrop that enhances the plants. I can’t wait!

Have a Sunny Weekend!

Drop by Wednesday to see Captain’s fence progress.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!