A Bee’utiful Summer Tablescape

My girlfriends and I got together for a Bee’utiful Summer Brunch at the lake cottage last weekend. I took that opportunity to create a tablescape using Yellow & Gray plates that I recently bought at Home Goods. When I first saw the plates in separate aisle of the store, I knew even though they were not a “set”, they would still blend together by color and by their playfulness. Gray & yellow has been one of my favorite color palettes, the neutral gray juxtapose a vibrant yellow is such a HAPPY combo. I did not want to mess-up that brilliant combination by adding more color to the tablescape, so neutral tan & white seemed right for everything else.

Centerpiece: My friend Zora, one of the co-hosts for our bunch, offered to make the floral centerpiece and an additional arrangement for the guest of honor to take home. I absolutely could not refuse that offer, since Z grew up the daughter of a florist shop owner! Z knows her flowers and has great style. I told her the color scheme and that it was a casual table, so she kept the arrangements simple and loose. I love too that she used flat leaf parsley as fern-like greenery and tiny chamomile-like flowers as filler alongside the yellow and white daisies. The herb fillers are a contemporary twist and perfect for a brunch centerpiece! So affordable…cut flowers from your (neighbor’s) garden and add herbs. I have to remember that myself…Rosemary, thyme, even sage would be so pretty and smell great.

The flowers and herbs were placed in a unique three-section vase. The vase was purchased that way so the 3 bottles fit together, but you could make a similar vase by tying three skinny vases together with a cord or jute, or line-up multiple small vases.

Utensils: To keep with a simple outdoor look I used plastic twig utensils. They are black and heavy-duty, dishwasher safe…I had picked them up a couple of years ago, at Home Goods. I found two of bunches of grayish-green & yellow faux flowers in my supplies, so I cut off 4 stems to add a touch of color to each napkin.

Even thought the two plates were not the same type of china ware, one porcelain the other less fine, their colors & patterns playfully worked together. Don’t be afraid to mix your plates.

Napkins: I used two napkins. The white “bee” napkin is from Pottery Barn, borrowed from Travel Buddy; the bees are embroidered in tan and fortunately each bee is in exactly the same place on each napkin, so once I folded it where the bees were in a good position, I only had to replicate that exact fold for the other three napkins. Then I folded the solid gray napkin (World Market) to create a utensil pocket and wrapped it around the bee napkin, repeating that same fold 3 times, too.

Most likely you know someone who shares in creating pretty tables. Borrow back & forth, it is so much more affordable and allows for fresh new ideas of old items.

I always work in an assembly line, doing each fold-step each napkin, so they all look like the first, otherwise it can get confusing! Tip: Wash, iron and fold the napkins at least one day early to get it out-of-the-way. Truthfully, I feel most prepared when I have each placesetting totally complete, with the placemat, plates, napkin & utensils and stacked ready to add to the tablescape. Any other linens and tablecloths are typically ironed and draped over the sofa or dining chairs ready to use. There’s enough to do the-day-of, with cleaning & cooking, so if I don’t have the tablescape prepped it is likely to get scrapped. Captain says I get cranky when I get rushed!

Planning ahead gives me time to gather little details such as a bee’s cloche, honey bear and pottery; items I have on hand, which bring the BEE theme subtly together.

Summer Solstice is next week, June 21, for Earth’s northern hemisphere, that means the First Day of Summer. Around here a long day calls for camping, grilling and entertaining outdoors with friends & family. Why not take advantage of the longest day (for northern hemisphere) of the year to plan a gathering that includes a special Summer Tablescape? Remember, even the smallest effort put into creating a pretty table will tell your guests they are Special.

Are you inspired to PLAN a Simple Summer Tablescape?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

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