Weekend Wanderings 6.18

Happy Father’s Day! Just a quickie post. I was shopping and came across a really neat footstool. No, I did not buy it…altho, I did return to it several times and finally took this photo. I find taking a photo to be enough, a lot cheaper than a purchase and less time than a Return. What do you think of the footstool? Maybe, like me, it takes you back to a time when Bohemian vibe was your style…or as my dad would say as he walked into my 70’s apartment, “Where are the gypsies?” There’s a new wave of Bohemian style happening, not all is hippie-dippie 70’s throwback.

Truthfully, I like this stool, or at least part of me does. The younger Boho-Me luvs it. Now my mature Boho-Me just likes it. I held onto some of my old boho treasures and still luv to work them into my more simplified style. They make me feel good, that’s the only way I can explain it. Colorful, qworky, tactile, global, artisan pieces…they all have memories attached, so I continue to hang onto them.

Come back Wednesday to rediscover your Boho! I’m sharing a interior decorating book I found about the new Bohemian style. It inspired me to gather some of my old Boho to use in some still life photography, and to scatter a little Boho spirit around the lake cottage. The experience reminded me how happy Boho makes me feel.

‘Til then, have a great weekend and enjoy some quality time with the Dad/Guy in your life.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!