Weekend Wanderings 7.30

For months, Bad-Hair DAY was becoming a daily problem, so I did an all-out search on the internet to find some good options for a new hair style. That search led me to find Dominique Sachse, who makes YouTube videos on just about anything Women would like to learn about… hair, makeup and clothing. Over two days I binge-watched every video she had posted and Subscribed to her channel to catch future videos. Of course I Googled her too…she is a respected anchor in Houston, and is also, what I would call, high-society. She is drop-dead gorgeous, so I don’t mind taking any advise she dishes out. She knows her stuff and her videos have a professional presentation. Really, don’t you hate it when you watch a YouTube video and the camera keeps falling over or my least-favorite…they get up and leave to get a supply out-of-camera-view. Well, you won’t see that on Dominique’s videos…casual & fun, but still professional.

Back to my story – So, did all my binge-watching result in Good-Hair Days? YES!!!  I make a few product changes AND I got a new haircut, a Bob. All based on Dominique’s videos! Not just any Bob…because today’s Bob is not the Bob of yesteryear or even last year. The Bob is THE cut for both 2016 & 2017. The 2017 trend is not to cut the back in such a stack. From the blowout video I learned to use products to lift my layers without a stack cut. Even Kate Middleton sported a new long Bob (Lob) at this month’s Wimbledon. They tagged it the Kate Bob or the Kob, cute. But especially for “older Princesses,” our shorter cut needs to be a new Bob – just saying, I see a lot of old Page Boy cuts out there. Mine is about 2-inches below my jawbone, and I got it cut to fit my naturally curly/wavy hair, with the intention of wearing it both flat-ironed straight or beach wavy. For me, that means a blunt Bob with plenty of texturing (layers.)

Grab a cup o’ joe, you may be here for a while… I am linking, below, to a favorite Dominique Sachse video. I bet you will be hooked. Don’t miss her how-to apply makeup, her favorite products, and how-to do a Blow-out videos, they will change the way you do things.

Did you learn something?

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!