October Coffee table Styling & Printable

Styling a small area like a coffee table for October or Halloween can be both fun & affordable. It’s amazing how such a small styled area can bring a special mood to the whole room. I like that I didn’t spend much time or money on my October decorating yet it feels complete. BTW, I’m talking affordable decoration! I purchased plastic (hand) bones for a couple of dollars (Walmart), and made a graphic of Edgar Allen Poe’s spooky Halloween verse, The Raven, with a raven in the moonlight graphic from freeclipartnow.com

I’m sharing so you can print one for your own spooky vignette – Download: Freebie Printable, The Raven.

For Fall color, I added a couple of flannel & suede pumpkins from a previous DIY Post . That’s it, an October coffee table styling that’s not too creepy and is easy on the budget. I could say, It only cost a Hand, not an Arm & Leg, but I won’t.

As I was pulling the pumpkins from “the closet,” I came across a shopping bag FULL of Halloween goodies I had purchased last year from Target‘s seasonal bargain bin, sooo I decorated more areas using two $3. items from that “forgotten” bag…

A Raven picture for the living room fireplace mantel

Each season I put new decorations in my giant cloche, like HERE.

October 31 burlap sign, Target, perfect size for my Halloween cloche display.

First taste of pumpkin pie <I :>)

When the kids were young we really decked-out the lake cottage with spider webs, bats, and other not-too-ghoulish decorations, but sadly, I don’t decorate much for Halloween anymore. Nowadays I barely get out the witch cauldron that holds trick-or-treat candy, before the first little ones knock on the door. And definitely no spider webs! Don’t you hate taking that stuff down? BUT, this year, on Halloween, I turn 65 (that’s scary) so I purchased ONE bag of spider webs to put up and Just Sayin’…then got a little cray with using the other stuff from the Bag. You may want to grab your broom and Meet Me Lakeside in the coming weeks, because a lot is brewin’ at the lake cottage…I found a place for ALL that Target stuff.

Do YOU decorate for Halloween?


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