Weekend Wanderings 6.25

This week I will finish the last few decorating touches for Summer at the lake cottage. Today, I gathered a bunch of “beachy things” from the rooms. One item is a wooden sign that has been stored in the guestroom closet for at least a year. The sign is BIG, so it became the focal point of my Summer fireplace mantel display. Oh man, I can barely keep from revealing the Summer Mantel right now.

I used only FIVE elements to create such a perfect coastal vignette:

  1. Big wooden lake/coastal sign
  2. Model (wooden) sail boat
  3. Shell on pedestal
  4. Sea glass float
  5. Driftwood garland

The Beach…that is what my heart longs for lately. Just looking at my Summer Coastal Fireplace Mantel whisks me away to cooler climate. I must be due for a vacation.

Pop in on Wednesday for the reveal of what can be done in only five minutes, with only five theme-related items.

Take some time today to GATHER 5 items to create your Summer vignette.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Weekend Wanderings 6.18

Happy Father’s Day! Just a quickie post. I was shopping and came across a really neat footstool. No, I did not buy it…altho, I did return to it several times and finally took this photo. I find taking a photo to be¬†enough, a lot cheaper than a purchase and less time than a Return. What do you think of the footstool? Maybe, like me, it takes you back to a time when Bohemian vibe was your style…or as my dad would say as he walked into my 70’s apartment, “Where are the gypsies?” There’s a new wave of Bohemian style happening, not all is hippie-dippie 70’s throwback.

Truthfully, I like this stool, or at least part of me does. The younger Boho-Me luvs it. Now my mature Boho-Me just likes it. I held onto some of my old boho treasures and still luv to work them into my more simplified style. They make me feel good, that’s the only way I can explain it. Colorful, qworky, tactile, global, artisan pieces…they all have memories attached, so I continue to hang onto them.

Come back Wednesday to rediscover your Boho! I’m sharing a interior decorating book I found about the new Bohemian style. It inspired me to gather some of my old Boho to use in some still life photography, and to scatter a little Boho spirit around the lake cottage. The experience reminded me how happy Boho makes me feel.

‘Til then, have a great weekend and enjoy some quality time with the Dad/Guy in your life.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Weekend Wanderings 6.10

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Weekend Wanderings 6.4

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Weekend Wanderings 5.28

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Weekend Wanderings 5.21

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