Canva Gets IT Done

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I get really excited over new techie stuff. Remember me swooning over my iPhone 6 camera? Well, here I go again…swooonin’ over, a new internet design software. It’s free! And is the buzz of all the bloggers and photographers. Watch … Continue reading

201 Assignment 1 – Why I Blog & Goals of Class

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Lately my friends ask… “Why are you Blogging, Kathy?” But first before answering that, let me tell you about the class I am NOW taking. You know I took Word Press Blogging 101 class for a 4-week instruction on how to … Continue reading

Blogging 101 – Day 1 Assignment

Day 1 Blogging 101 Class Assignment: “Introduce Self” in a Post Ok, not to be redundant, which keeps with my blog’s theme “only Simple floats,” but…most of today’s Blogging  101 assignment is covered in the ABOUT tab. So instead, let me give you … Continue reading