Weekend Wanderings 9.17

My decorating Inspiration comes in many ways; magazines, television, Pinterest, and touring Open Houses. At the beginning of a new season I like to wander through stores with the sole intention of being Inspired by the merchandise and how it is displayed. In fact, Wandering for Inspiration is one of my favorite ways to get ideas because it is so freeing to know I won’t spend money but instead Simply enjoy the afternoon looking. Wandering for Inspiration always leads to creative ideas, of course, many never amount to anything but isn’t it fun to dream? Then there are times that I can take my ideas home and build upon the Inspiration.

During a recent wander through Home Goods, I saw this (photo above) resin Halloween decoration. It Inspired me to use the same Edgar Allan Poe verse with my vintage typewriter, similar to what I did at Easter, HERE.

I am not above doing a hack or copying something I see, especially if it saves me money and storage space. I love Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s reframe of to Copy is, to “Optimize the model.” 

So, pop in next week to see how I optimized the spooky typewriter model to use in Styling my October Coffee Table.

Do you Wander for Inspiration?

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Weekend Wanderings – End of Season

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  Are you ready for a New Season? Join me as MML Falls into a new Season. Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside!

Weekend Wanderings 8.20

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Weekend Wanderings 8.6

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Weekend Wanderings 7.30

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Weekend Wanderings 7.23

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