An Organizational Hole in One!!

MML organized golf

Weather here at the Lake has been cold and foggy. Central California has what is called “Tule fog,” a very thick and low ground fog. Some of you have Snow Days, well, we have Foggy Day Schedule at our schools. Organizing the garage and getting everything up off the floor or into the trash has been a good project when the weather is too cold to golf.

Adding this Golf Station was such a simple way to clean up a really messy area of the garage! Notice Captain’s high tech setup so clubs don’t crash into my sweet little car…Cost of golf rack=Cost of 1 door dent removal.
Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer

A place for everything and I will never forget my golf shoes again, which happens. I think a shelf with hooks on it to hang jackets and hats is in the near future. Actually, looking at this photo makes me wonder why I keep my hats indoors as decor instead of hanging here where I can grab & go.

What kind of items in your garage can use a storage organizer?