Silent Sunday – A lit’el Lovin’ from across the Pond

MML Lovin London

All my lovin’, I will send to you…

I did a little Valentine decorating today so this photo brought back some fond memories of our trip to London.

HERE are the lyrics to this great love song. I forgot how simple & pure they are.

This lovlie texture with the Beatles lyrics, by Kim Klassen.


2 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – A lit’el Lovin’ from across the Pond

  1. I look forward your posts Kathy so much, and when I hear that ‘ding’ on my IPad and see the ”Meet Me Lakeside”, I’m smiling before I even open it. And today did not disappoint, sweet, simple love songs…the best just in time for Valentine’s Day, now only if I had a Valentine. How do I share these posts with friends?
    Happy Sunday!

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