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Oh my gosh! This was a fun project. I saw some books at Barnes & Noble with words popping out of them and thought,”Humm, could I do that?” I did a quick Google and watched several YouTube videos to learn how &  was totally inspired to try. I purchased some 400+ page hardback books at a yard sale, so it was cheap but no titles would fit any of my preferred words (sigh.) So my first try was just purely to learn some folding skills. Click HERE  for the best tutorial on making a word template with the stripes needed for folding.

Now the downside, here’s the deal, regardless of what some online tutorials say…it takes time…LOTS of TIME to fold pages to form a 4-letter word. They say, “1 to 2+ hours.” I probably put in more like 8+ hours. I did not count, but I sat down one day at 10am and finally got the O & V (only 2 letters!) done by around 4pm. I know the time because I could hear Ellen Show coming on the t.v.!! I was so absorbed in doing the folding… I needed a glass of wine and a big break before starting the 3-level letter ‘e’. You’ll see what I mean by that from the tutorial.

TIPS: My biggest advise is to choose your word & book cover carefully, because this may be the last time. Hopefully your word should fit the subject of the book, or maybe be your Word for 2015 (if you do that.)  I thought I also would suggest doing a simple BLOCK type font, as I did, but go for it – do a nice sarif font or cursive font the first time. It is not that much more difficult. Also if following the Elements video (above) to make stripes, remember to count both black & white stripes when you set the wave number (Whaat? Just watch the video) because both the black & white stripes together count into the goal of around 40 stripes per letter. That could be why mine took so long and the O and V were so wide, I goofed. Number of stripes= number of pages folded in a letter. Also, Marty, from the above video, reminded me to next time be sure to skip to next page each time there is a level change fold. I definately will do this again. My next word will be just an @ sign, okay not a word. I like the challenge of doing a cursive extreme-level fold. Bet it takes me forever though.

Here are some Inspiration photos all done by Isaac Salazar, whom I consider one of the best. Enjoy.

Go ahead scroll back up to mine, I know you are… Aren’t these soooo much better with a  sarif type font and less folds?

love bk fold


Read for book fold



Are you now empowered to give Book-Page-Folding a try?   What is your WORD? 



2 thoughts on “How to Page-Fold a Book

  1. I followed the pingback to your blog and am IMPRESSED with your first try! Nicely done.
    The only correction I would make is in those multi-level characters: move forward one fold for each level or else you’ll end up with a really fat letter. I’d love to see how the @ comes out. That one has four levels!
    Marty (author of the above-mentioned tutorial)

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