DIY Seed Bomb

I can hardly wait to tell you about this fun & Simple DIY. The recent Spring sunshine got me thinking about gardening , and I stumbled upon Seed Bombs (Seed Balls) while Googling for plant information. Last year I saw these odd little balls in boutique garden shops… little did I know, I would be blogging about them : )


You may be asking, “What is a Seed Bomb?” well that’s the best part. They really have quite a fun meaning & history. The reason they are called Seed BOMBS (not Balls) leads to the story of a passionate group of Brits calling themselves Guerrilla Gardeners! The GG’s have mobilized globally and use these homemade Seed Bombs in their arsenal of weapons to battle against UGLY vacant lots. Sound crazy? It’s not. Watch the videos below about Richard Reynolds and his cause and I bet you’ll come onboard… (sorry about the quality of the first video, but its totally worth watching)

Here is another motivating (or I might even say, “Groovy!”) video showing the impact GG has on community spirit.

My web search showed many Seed Bomb recipes, but this one seems easiest.



The hardened clay will hold up to its launch and then dissolve when watered or by rain exposing the seeds to germinate. Of course wetter climates are better suited for this clay recipe. (A mud/moss mix would work in a dry or desert region.) Use self hardening (air dry) pottery clay from a craft store. To keep it Simple, the clay I used is moist ready-to-use, but if you have to order online, then opt for dry powder, otherwise it will be heavy to $hip. I added my little twist to the bombs by stamping the clay, while wet, with a fun Word.  After assembling the supplies, each ball only takes a few minutes to make. It is easy enough to do with children. Don’t you love kids’ projects that leave them waiting? They have to wait 1 day for the balls to dry, then wait & watch the seeds germinate & bloom. Of course, the naughty aspect of launching the bomb has to be the best part for kids! That’s a double-BANG project, if I’ve ever seen one. I am tucking 3 Seed Bombs inside a burlap sack as part of a Spring tablescape (post coming soon!) but I am, also, seriously considering seed-bombing a vacant lot in our own neighborhood.

Fun imprinted words: Boom, Grow, Sprout, Sunflower, Bloom, Pow…



Pull off some clay and roll into a ball the size of small walnut, then flatten ball into a round shape with thumb in palm of hand. Not too thin or it will crack when filled and rolled.

image           image           image

Put a pinch of garden/flower potting soil (soil doesn’t have to be best quality, use what you have.) Add up to 5 seeds on top of the soil, using hardy seeds for this method (for fragile seeds, see method at end of post) Fold over round flattened clay to make half-moon, gather & pinch in the edges to make a ball, roll in palm gently to form a nice ball.

image        image        image

I smooth out cracks and add extra slivers of clay to areas if ball is splitting open. Don’t worry, you will get the feel of clay thickness & amount of filling after doing one ball.  Stamp word on ball and leave to air dry 1-2 days. Tip: If you know you are launching the seed bomb real soon you can soak the hard seeds before enclosing, to give a germination boost. I used sunflower and pea seeds.

image         image

image**(Method for fragile seeds, like marigolds or zinnias  Form the ball, do NOT flatten, just make a deep big hole, with thumb, in the ball. Put the soil and seed inside the hole. The hole has to be big enough for the seeds to lay without bending. Gently pinch the clay opening together and gently roll until shaped and smooth.

Packaging: I found cute burlap bags in the bargain bin at Michael’s Craft store. The word Grow was already printed on the sack, so I used a felt marker to print SEEDS. Small brown paper sacks would be a cute way to package the Seed Bombs also, if giving as a gift.image


Are you inspired by the Passion & Power of one person’s SIMPLE Solution to combat urban decay?

Peace out, Flowers not guns : )

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