Organizing my photos…who would know?


After returning from our Eastern Europe trip I started the process of moving my photos of the trip from my iPhone to my computer & backup drive. Let’s just say, I had a LOT of time, while they transferred via SLOW wifi, to look through old folders inside my Pictures module. One of the folders I came across was from a photo shoot I did in 2009 when I was experimenting with macro photography. I really love shooting macro, (or “close up,” if you don’t know what Macro means, or think… insect photos where their eyes are huge and sometimes creepy.) My favorite thing to shoot macros of is “objects that reflect someone’s passion.” It is safer than bugs and animals. For me that would mean “cameras.” I have shot coins, sports items, horse tack, and musical instruments, all VERY close up and textured with detail. I even, during that time, came up with my online name as a combo of my name+closeup (katzcloseup.)

Where am I going with this? Well, yesterday, while organizing my photo library,  I found my old photo files of a Les Paul guitar belonging to my nephew (the one we visited in Germany) AND (finally my point! taadaa…) I remember the exact feeling I had as I took a particular photo during the session. I remember when I got in tight with my lens on the top of that guitar I was photographing. (see photo below) I was taken aback by the signature of Les Paul. At that moment, I flashed back to when I had first seen Les, years before on tv, showing his new inventions. He fascinated me, I guess.

If you are not familiar with him…Lester (Les) Paul is more than a singer/guitar player…he is the inventor of the solid body electric guitar and the inventor of the amplified system and tracking. Paul McCartney credits the whole existence of the Beatles’ music to Les Paul, and many modern musicians agree as well as play Les Paul guitars when performing (Eric Clapton, Slash, Eddie Van Halen…) By the time Les got Gibson to produce his invention (the electric guitar) Leo Fender had already put one on the market, so Les did not get proper recognition for his invention.

MML Les Paul main jpeg 500 x

SO… today I Googled “Les Paul guitar” and found THAT show…I watched every Merv Griffin Show made “back in the day” and that is where Les Paul was introduced to me! via the show, ha. I say at least once a day, “I can/will Google that.” and look what the gems today’s Google got me. A bonus video, too, for you, NY Times for years has put together footage of interviews of famous people to archive for its The Last Word: edition that runs the day the person dies. Les Paul died August 12, 2009. Yesterday when I remembered him, would have been his birthday, June 9, 1915. (He shared a birth date, June 9, with my mother.) This video even shows Les Paul up until a year before he died, so it shows him at 93 yrs old still playing every Monday night at Manhattan’s Iridium Jazz Club. It is worth watching all the way through to hear his story.

Now the Merv Griffin Show video. 1966. It is great, Les explains his invention to a clueless Merv. Amazing, Les was still unaware just how much he would change music. Almost as amazing as the fact I remember a show from almost a half century ago. But not what I ate for breakfast today? That’s good tv : ) He showed (me) his “Little Black Box” or the “Les Paulverizer,” and talked with Merv about his early days and his mother’s influence on him.  Enjoy…

One more thing… this post did start with Organizing My Photos, remember?  Saturday, when I participated in the Emil’s Live Photography Conference, two questions were asked to all 8 presenters:

1. What are your go-to post camera editing Apps?

2.  How do YOU organized your photos?

I, as well as, I’m pretty sure, most participants & Emil, were surprised that none of the experts (maybe one?) had a good system for organizing and storing their sometimes thousands of photos!

so my question to you is…

How are you Organizing & Storing your photos?

I should use the real word, “safeguarding” your photos. Because it is not “IF” it is “WHEN” you lose them all due to a device failure. More , later, on how I Organize & Store my photos to prevent that from happening to me.

Happy Birthday Les & Momma!   new Kathy sig w wc & big mug 159x50