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This lakeside cottage needs a summer boost for the entertaining it will see on these hot summer days and inviting cooler evenings. It is fun to decorate the backyard since it is lakeside…I just follow its lead. I try not to get too beachy or ocean, instead keeping true to LAKE decor…but my decor, I admit, has a bit of an identity crisis. I have decided to go with more of an update only to items that are old & worn. I am a firm believer that the color scheme & style that is inside the house should flow outdoors and visa versa. The ORANGE/BLUE/AQUA colors from indoors will help boost the personality outside with all the green of our shaded landscape. I am adding yellow also, since yellow seems to be perky on the front entry.

I am breaking this Post into multiple parts, starting with Part 1 – Shopping the Plan. I have a pretty good idea of where this all is headed, but as of this writing, what you see in this post is all that is done. This is a real-time DIY post, I just hope it is one of my happy surprise projects not a lesson in how not to post, sigh. Sewing and painting starts as soon as this goes out.

So here we go…The PLAN for the 2 upper patios that I am attacking for this DIY.


Patio 1 is off the family room & kitchen, so it is our little escape when we want a more privacy.  I want to pop the color with cushions/pillows that blend with the red chair cushions of the dining set.

Pillows & paint need refreshed

Pillows & paint need refreshed

The 2 painted vintage wooden chairs need fresher paint. The serving table needs a redo too, its green paint blends too much with the landscape. And I see a need for junk storage! Lighting update for summer evenings? All the furniture could be rearranged, it is beginning to get the wall-hugger look. Play up the plants that are there already. The bonsai need some interesting levels, hmm. See, behind the chairs, that blue tarp covering my next DIY.

Patio 1 this has potential

imagePatio 2 is in the yard area off of our living room and master bedroom big slide windows. It is the best area, when the weather is mild enough, to sit or eat during the summer. So that would be mornings and evenings. I prefer this area to bbq in but the grill has made its way to the partly covered area of Patio 1.  Another big part of this area’s makeover is to recover the cushions. A color of fabric that will make the area pop in the sea of green and blend with the living room and bedroom.

Patio 2, Before

Below, View from inside living room. Patio 2 view can be seen from the front entry, so its refresh will be most important. A potted plant to balance the hedge maybe?? I need to get the Captain in on rethinking this, for sure he will have opinions.image

Yesterday, a quick trip to Home Goods and Joann’s Fabric: found just what I needed – pillows and cushion fabric. I say, “QUICK” because I already had in mind a color scheme for specific items so I was able to focus in and get out fast. I also ran through Dollar Tree, knowing it was the last day of school and the moms & teachers are done with their massive last week party purchases. I concentrated on MOOD items.


  1. Home Goods, 2 pillows patio 1, $25.
  2. Dollar Tree, 7 lanterns, AAAbatteries, battery voltages, $10
  3. Home Goods, set of 4 cloth napkins, $6.
  4. Joanne Fabric, outdoor fabric patio 2 chairs, $18.
  5. Dollar Tree, paper napkins, $2.     Also shown:  existing red patio set cushions, and items brought from indoors that inspired the new patio color scheme…orange indoor pillow, orange ceramic plate and blue glass candle votive.
Testing out new pillows

(above) Testing out new pillows


New fabric layed over cushion, refreshing

Now that will look good, so all purchases are keepers! Thanks for stopping by today, gotta get crackin’… so stop by again next week and see how the patio makeover is coming along.

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