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I get really excited over new techie stuff. Remember me swooning over my iPhone 6 camera? Well, here I go again…swooonin’ over, a new internet design software. It’s free! And is the buzz of all the bloggers and photographers. Watch Kim Klassen’s short video (link is below) to see how SIMPLE it is using one of canva’s many layouts. Canva has some interesting up-to-date articles on design & branding and design tuts.

Click HERE  for Kim’s site and video. Take your time and see all she offers, too, I have been hanging on her shirt tales for years now, learning from her is so easy. She is so giving of her many talents. Kim has free videos on the basics of Photoshop & Lightroom so you can learn to use her beautiful textures and presets. I get my weekly dose of positive’ness (maybe not a word but a feeling, smile) from she and her community. *Update: Kim just put out a second video as a Canva tut that is more detailed in navigating – you can see it on her sites as her weekly Quick Tip Tuesday, sign up there to get weekly tips. HERE

I, as well, started using Canva to easily update social media photos each week, as a way to direct traffic to my new blog posts.

New Facebook header made in Canva.


This is my old February Facebook header.

Honestly, months, then Seasons passed before I refreshed my Facebook header photos. So yesterday I tested out Canva by creating, in just 5 minutes, a Facebook template, above photo, using my Patio post photos.



This Spring Facebook header was done in Lightroom.




Today I did another template for my Instagram, this time! I am lovin’ this site. I can do it on any device.

image(Left photo) shows how I had been posting on Instagram. Just a square single photo from my MML blog post. Not a good way to say, “Hey, visit my blog.” Plus I was not using Instagram often.

Now, with Canva I can quickly change out weekly post photos and title.

(Below photo) I did my first one using this week’s Patio Makeover Reveal post.


Canva also has lots of interesting up-to-date informative articles about branding & marketing. Enjoy!

How will Canva help you get IT done?

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