Tidy: Nature vs Nurture?


Do you think tidiness can be taught? Or do you think that skill set is a personality trait. Consider the people you know who are really messy… (oops) I had to cut some of my sentences here…too personal!  Just sayin’ messy people live with a lot of shut doors & closets in their housesSmile. I guess this is one of those Nature vs Nurture questions. Which brings me to my thought, Are we taught HOW to be tidy? Is that how it all goes down?

What brought this subject up, enough where I am sharing it on my blog, is that I was having coffee with a girlfriend, who mentioned she was going to go home to REorganize her closet. It made me think of the pile of junk and clothing that have creeped onto the shelves of MY closet. My closet, too, had been totally organized less than a year ago. Why did my closet get messy again? We talked about that…my situation is when there is a shirt that needs special-care wash that is where it is tossed until enough gathers to merit that special effort wash cycle.That is the hangout for books that needs to be put away and the travel mementos that need to be put away or tossed. For me the shelf, semi-hidden by hanging clothes, is my “secret” holding zone. The problem is when it begins to flow over onto the floor.

After leaving coffee I went home and was still pondering this whole closet-cycle I find myself in. Clean, Live, Repeat. If you follow my Instagram, you may know  I am free-wheelin’ it while Captain is at his guy’s camp trip. So I, in this heat, have been doing fun projects while binge watching Netflix series. Basically, just having fun! BUT, I started thinking about the conversation again and remembered a book I had wanted to Google about a few months ago. Well, I Googled Marie Kondo and got some answers and ideas about my organizational dilemma. Her book is, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up

Marie Kondo, a Japanese young lady who wrote this book about “tidying up.” She is an Organizational Consultant with a zin-like approach on organizing the house. She says that her KonMari Method, “teaches you to BE tidy not just HOW to tidy a house.” It is life-changing. Basically, her premise is to declutter, and put (not store) everything in its own place. The place for an item will share space with other items in the same category. Think, all the books on one bookshelf, not scattered throughout the house. That way you can find and return any item to its proper place,  no brainer on where it goes. The 3rd point in the KonMari Method is that you only keep those item that “Bring you Joy.”  That is the Zin I mentioned earlier. It reminds me of Hoarders: Buried Alive, I know isn’t that an addictive show? How the hoarders needs to touch each item before trashing. So here are a couple of videos I found to be very enlightening, smile.

The video below is her ENTIRE audio book, I know, sharing is caring : ) I listened to it while doing projects, instead of listening to Netflix in the background. It is few hours…be sure to plug-in your device at some point.  It is fascinating, keep listening even if you think she is off her rocker, she has great insight.

I think she is on to something and I am going to try her method. Especially the KonMari clothes folding technique.

Enjoy &  have a RESTFUL weekend… before you know what hits you…you may soon be launched into KM TIDY mode!

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