Silent (?) Sunday 8-30-2015

church prague fix 500 copy

Katedrála svatého Víta, Praha (St Vitus Cathedral, Prague)

While working on my Wednesday post, Road to Prague, I found myself using Remask often to replace background skies, that were blown-out white, with pretty cloudy skies to reflect how it really looked as I shot the photos. I never said I was a good photographer. I used the new update of Remask…smart move, I love all its new features. It is so simple to get a clean mask. I even got to try the new transparency brush on a glass street lamp. Pretty slick!

I wanted to share that Topaz Labs has just released its newest version Remask5 and is offering (thru Sept 18th) $20. Discount off its reg. $69. NOW only $49. A great value for the price! Use Coupon Code: GETREMASK5. Remask can now even be used as a stand alone or used, as usual, with  Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom…

 To check out Remask, please, enter it through my Affiliate ad at the far right-side or very bottom of my post (depending on your viewing device.) Topaz Labs is a giving company; all updates are forever FREE, and TL has full calendar of Webinars, so you can easily learn to rock It. Use Coupon Code: GETREMASK5

Below, BEFORE: with the white blown out sky.

church prague

Process: Using Elements, I took the photo first into Topaz Adjust, to enhance color and detail. Then, I used the same Remask5 process, as shown in slideshow below, to remove the white sky, and replace with a new cloudy sky.  A new feature of Remask5 is the ability to bring your new background right into Remask5, if you want.  100% better with a pretty sky, don’t you think? This photo was a pretty simple cut out, but Remask5 can handle even the most complex transparency removals, such a hair, fur and veils. It is amazing.


Thanks for stopping by…See you Wednesday for final my post of our trip…Road to Prague.

also, I am learning to do something NEW (shhh) that I have wanted to do forever…I am so excited to share that, too, with you on Friday Find this week! 

Now, back to your peaceful, Silent Sunday : )

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