A Quick Fall Dinner

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In my effort to grab a few extra hours during recent busy days, I have gone back to cooking some really quick & easy dinners. It has been a while since I posted a recipe, right? So I am pulling away from my planned post to share my favorite super-quick meal for Fall. It is a simple hot Soup & tasty light Sandwich dinner.

California is lucky to have many people of Armenian heritage. Our city has a large community of Armenians so I have over the years acquired some of their pretty amazing recipes, using spices and products unique to Armenian dishes.

Source: ArMania.com

Source: ArMania.com

Lavosh (also spelled Lavash) is the bread used in this sandwich/wrap recipe. Lavosh is still made in the old traditional way in many Middle Eastern and Western Asia countries; baked in a tonir or tandoor clay ovens as it was done over 1000 years ago. This thin flatbread made of flour, salt and water, is said to have originated in Armenia or Iran.

Source: ArMania.com

Source: ArMania.com

I first made a lavosh-wrapped sandwich, called “caravan roller,” in the 1970’s but now it has become easier to make because Armenian bakeries make a soft version of lavosh. The traditional lavosh that we once bought was thin, hard (brittle) sheets of bread, we even referred to it a Armenian Cracker Bread. We would have to spritz it with water and cover and let it sit until softened, then it was ready to load and roll. If your local grocery store does not stock lavosh look for it in middle eastern or Mediterranean stores. Online sites: CaliforniaLavash.com and ValleyLavosh.com

Caravan Roller

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Directions: Using 3 sheets of Lavosh (available in whole wheat too), layer the following ingredients on each. Cream Cheese – I use garlic & herb spread (or just 8 oz plain cream cheese, softened), Meats of choice (I prefer Oscar Meyer’s Natural turkey & beef, Natural is a lot less processed for a lunchmeat), Fresh Spinach (make sure it is patted totally dry), Large Tomato (thinly sliced, with the seeds and juices removed). Alfalfa Sprouts. Now I either add a thinly sliced fresh Avocado OR a jar of marinated Artichoke Hearts, thoroughly drained. Either one is great. Roll and Wrap foil tightly around each rolled sandwich. Place wraps inside a large zip lock bag or sealed container. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.

Fresno Fog Split Pea Soup

split pea package 500

Fresno Fog Split Pea Soup is another local product. HERE. It is totally the best ever split pea soup.MML Fresno Fog Split Pea 500

Directions: Simple because it is pre-packaged, so you just combine the bag of peas and the spice pack with 8 cups of water. Heat to a boil, turn down heat and simmer with the lid tilted, Until soup thickens to consistency you prefer. I always cook the soup without any meat then add the meat as I serve. I prefer crisp crumbled bacon or sausage, but ham chunks would be great too.

In central California the San Joaquin Valley is known for its winter Tule fog which is a dense, thick as pea soup ground fog. That is why the soup is named Fresno Fog…clever.

Source: kcra.com

Source: kcra.com

Source: Panoramio.com

Source: Panoramio.com – Fresno Pea Soup Fog viewed from surrounding mountains.

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