Friday Find – Create Your Own Style


It’s Friday Find time! Let’s talk about learning something new and sticking to it…practice, practice, practice long enough to Create your own STYLE. For me, the something new that I am learning is Calligraphy & Hand-lettering. I will someday create beautiful & cool lettering or at least improve my handwriting.

What have you been wanting to learn to do or create?

What got me jazzed about calligraphy is that nowadays it is not just your mama’s calligraphy! Today’s young makers have given calligraphy a whole new twist. These fabulous artists have created new font styles; some styles don’t use a baseline so the writing is casual and Very Cool; written with brushes, felt pens, dip pens and chalk.

the postman knocks


I am taking an online course to learn calligraphy. HERE is the site. Lindsey is a great teacher who covers everything to get you going…learn for a latte! That’s her motto. She even covers how to stay motivated to practice. The video class I am taking is the Amy font style calligraphy class. I chose it versus the other styles (Kaitlin, Janet and Flourish) because it is a straight font so I don’t have to think about a slant while I am learning to control the pen.

book-200The dip pen is the tricky thing about calligraphy. You learn to hold it, to ink it, and to apply pressure and let up as you stroke the letters. Tricky!  Now I am at the practice-practice-practice part of my calligraphy learning.

I also bought a book, Modern Calligraphy, that is real helpful and includes projects for practicing new calligraphy skills at all levels.


etsy, Primele

Source: Etsy, Primele


Source: Make Well’s


Source: Style Me Pretty

The artistic use of color-coordinated stamps in mass is really incredible. Wouldn’t it be fun to receive such a pretty envelope in the mail? Many of the stamps shown are Vintage stamps that will go through the mail as face value because they are not cancelled. Lucky for me I got a surprise box of vintage postage stamps delivered recently in the mail. A stamp collection of maybe 60 years or so. Yes! totally out of the blue, right after I started my lettering classes. I am in the process of sorting them by color and setting aside those that are Special (lots of those!) They are gorgeous…


…and the sorting continues.

Fake Calligraphy:

If you don’t want to bother with the dip pen stuff you can learn to do a Faux Calligraphy – it is pretty SIMPLE and is the first step to learning real calligraphy anyway, because it teaches you the strokes of a font. Faux calli is a good thing to know so you can write a quick tag or place cards (using a jelly or micron pen) on the fly. Here is a YouTube tut…

All of my lettering classes have covered Faux Calligraphy. It is helpful to have a stroke cheat-sheet to help understand the downstroke of any particular font. I recommend, Lindsey again, at ThePostmansKnock (you get a lot for a latte!) Eventually I will create my own style of calligraphy and hand-lettering. My style is just waiting to be revealed.  That is the same with anything that takes practice to do well…ask an artist, a musician or singer. You just need to learn through imitation until your own style can bubble up.

Here’s My faux calligraphy:


Set yourself up an environment that makes your practice-time enjoyable. Out of view is my iPhone playing my favorite Podcasts as I practice. Look at my little joy card, I am good at short words and a few letters now with both faux & dip pen!

This chalk sign says it all…(thanks Promise Tangeman for the quote and Lindsay Letters for creating such a beautiful sign. So inspirational…

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Challenge: Commit to CREATE, so YOUR style can be revealed.

thanks for meeting me lakeside!

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