Cocoa Bar & Ready for Guests


I think people of ALL ages can get into the Holiday Spirit with a piping hot mug of cocoa & all the fixin’s. I try to keep the whole Holiday rush to a minimum, and that includes decorations, whoops, I just heard Captain fall to the floor laughing! With our kids grown and trimming their own trees, putting a big tree up is not something we do every year. But, with friends & family dropping-in during the holidays, I do love to show special attention to the gathering areas of our house. My Coffee Station morphs throughout the year to fit the season. You’ve seen it a Valentines Day. Having put away the Fall cider (whoops, forgot to take a photo of that) today, I pulled together our sweet Hot Cocoa Bar.


I gathered some new things recently purchased at Target & Home Goods (or Home Sense) to freshen up its look for this year. Nothing cost more that $3. The signs at the bar are from Target. So cute.


Cocoa Bar fixin’s:

  •  To keep it Simple I am using instant Swiss Miss packets, Dark Chocolate Sensation
  • Sprinkles, Red & Green the checker forgot to bag the Multi-Colored container
  • Candy Cane, from Dollar Tree, smashed with a hammer don’t use their cheap zip locks for this they break then you have to vacuum, what a mess
  • Whipped Cream
  • Tiny Marshmallows
  • Mini Chocolate Chips, I found Xmas colored ones at Target
  • Cinnamon, Ground & Stix
  • Straws, Reindeer from Target



Bathroom Holiday Makeover


Nothing big, I kept it Simple. Just changed out a few things.

  • Holiday chalkboard picture (Home Goods, last year’s find)
  • Holiday hand-towel. It has gray in it so mixed well with my existing towels.
  • Switched out the rug.
  • Switched out the countertop decorations. These driftwood decorations were bought at Home Goods last year. I have an addiction others I use other places in the house.




That’s it, I have been busy holiday decorating other areas and will share those later. Thanks for stopping by…Wow, it’s Friday Find time almost…See you then!

The Polaroid mug & driftwood starfish photos in this post have been edited using Topaz Lab Adjust plug-in, preset cross-process 1 & 3. That retro process is so pretty.

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