Friday Find – A Snowy Christmas


Have you gotten your Christmas/Holiday cards out for this year? In recent years I have done the last-minute eGreeting card on FB, sigh, and even have sent out New Year’s cards when really late. But this year was different…because Take a Family Photo was at the top of my Thanksgiving To Do List, up there with Roast the TurkeyThis morning I photo-edited one of the family photos we took at the park on Thanksgiving Day, let’s just say a lot of Photoshop smudging and ordered them online. A Simple process, but glad it is done.

From this…

My Friday Find is about a photo I shot and edited last year, coincidentally, on this date, yesterday. I stumbled upon it while working on the family photo.


Photo background: I was in the house looking at the fog wisping up off of the lake…it was cold. Photo OP…quick run outside in my pj’s, no slippers, click, click, and run back into the warm house. Like most of my hastily shot photos the sky was blown out, not capturing the clouds that I saw or the golden hour that I wonder now why I was up so early to see. Fast-forward this story…It took a few months before I bothered to edit it but as I did I was apparently Dreaming of a White Christmas in February (sorry if that caused an earworm) Here is a little tutorial on how I created a painterly snowy look.

Editing Process: I took the SOOC photo into Photoshop Elements and used the Healing brush to remove the branches.


(Below) In Topaz Labs (TL) – left: Clarity plugin used for some contrast control at a micro level. I also desaturated the blues in Clarity. Later you will see me bring back cool blue tones in TL Adjust. Right: TL’s Simplify plugin to flatten detail (painterly look) and brighten the whites. It took a turn with that!


Below, the final (almost) picture. It has been edited in TL’s Star Effects to give a flare to the light (I was channelling my inner Thomas Kincade) and then into TL Adjust to add a controlled blue tone. I also in Elements painted in some white to the sky and added to the fog with white brushes then took the opacity of the paint way down. Added Kim Klassen’s texture, Derek, and Katie Pertiet’s Letterbox Overlay No 4-4 (barely noticeable in the top left sky and water right bottom.)

To this…


…but something about this (above) edit just did NOT do-it for me, so I continued. From here I get a little blue crazy, add a moody sky and SNOW.  To see the rest of the Snowy tutorial, Click HERE pgs 1-5, and HERE pgs 6-9, it is in PDF format. Sorry, the conversion to PDF was not working the way it should, so the layout is a bit off.

To a Snowy Christmas…


Are you inspired by how photo-editing can totally change a rather bad photo into whatever you can dream of?

This photo certainly has me Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Thanks for Meeting Me Lakeside today, TGIF & Peace

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