Nordic Front Porch

Nordic front porch Christmas home tour

Only 9 more days until Christmas. But whose counting, right? Are you ready? I got the front porch decked out and now will be moving back inside to relax and bake some cookies. Fortunately it only took a few purchased items to bring a bit of Nordic to the front porch. That finishes up my Nordic Christmas Home Tour 2015! I bought the little skis at Target in the bargain bin area and painted them white & red to go with the theme and so they can be seen better among the greenery. The apple crate was a find at a garage sale last year. It is an old wooden Season’s Greetings crate that Yakima, Washington apples were shipped in.


I purchased 3 picks of fake greenery that had some pinecones & berries on them as filler to the real greenery used. The real tree greenery I got free from a tree lot. I’m going to do that next year to make garlands! My largest purchase was a swag of faux berries and pinecones that I tore apart and used for color.


To cozy up the porch bench I covered its existing cushion with polar fleece left over from lap blankets I made recently. I know kinda obsessed with the whole lap blanket thing : ) The nordic design fabric was just wrapped and pinned on the underside of the old cushion, a quick no-sew DIY cover that I can change seasonally.



My wreath this year is a new purchase. I decided to not make a wreath this year after seeing this one at Home Goods. It already had red & white striped balls that I would have had to buy anyway, so I splurged. I am going to change out the French wording to Swedish, God Jul, but photos had to be taken before tomorrow’s storm rolls in. Well, here it is, I fudged…photoshop…God-Jul-wreath-500


These few simple touches brought our porch into the Nordic theme of the inside.

I even had enough supplies to make a bough for a gift. Shh…a surprise Captain & I put on a special someone’s door early Sunday morning.

Thank you for joining me for my (first blogged) Nordic Christmas  Home Tour 2015.

God Jul!

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